Friday, December 10, 2010


Digitalism just released their new single 'Blitz', which reminded me how big a fan I was of theirs back in 2007.  Remember 'Pogo'?  Oh boy, I do!  Seems like a lifetime ago, however, since I was trekking cross town to Hiro Ballroom in Cheslea, or walking a few blocks from my house in Greenpoint to Studio B to see Digitalism, or other acts I associate with that time in my life, namely The Presets and all things French Touch.  Ah, the good ol days...

Since I have been in London, I have not taken advantage of the club scene, spending most of my evening hours at cocktail spots, dive bars or (inevitably) pubs.  Perhaps this new Digitalism release is the inspiration I need.  I have included 'Blitz' and 'Pogo', as well as the music video for 'Blitz'.  Watch that and you'll see what I mean, club life in Europe is its own animal.  Even if music like this isn't for you, recognize that this music packs warehouses full of people who, instead of standing still and staring at a live act on stage with their hands in their pockets, actually dance!  EXAMPLE: In the States, I was told to get down off a chair at a Junior Boys show, so I could join the group of motionless observers.  In Berlin, the party didn't start until 3am, admission was a couple Euro, at most, and the building itself had bomb holes in the roof and bullet holes in the walls, not to mention everybody was dancing!  Take your pick.

While Digitalism is German, the video was most likely filmed in an abandoned warehouse converted club in East Berlin.  It makes me believe nights like that are here in London.  The search begins.  Goodbye sleep, hello sunrise.

Digitalism - Blitz (2010)
Digitalism - Pogo (2007)

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