Friday, March 5, 2010

Penguin Prison v. Jack Penate

 Penguin Prison and Jack Penate are both included in practically every playlist I've created over the last 3 months. Whether for driving, dancing, blogging or meandering through foreign cities across the globe, I'll take either one of these dudes as my soundtrack. That said, I am very happy to have a new song that includes them BOTH.

Penguin Prison's remix of Jack Penate's 'So Near' is pretty much perfect. Put this on repeat and go discover beauty.

Jack Penate - So Near (Penguin Prison Remix)

And here's a Jack Penate track you must have, introduced to me by my good friend Black Bear.

Jack Penate - Pull My Heart Away

Wolf Gang

Something about this song makes me feel like my life is set in an early 90's indie film about friendship, drugs, late night rendezvous' and no regrets. I'm not sure why, but regardless, I like the reference. Feels pretty good...

Wolf Gang - Back to Back

And for those who would rather live their lives on the dance floor, here's another Wolf Gang track, this time remixed by Baby Monster, who just signed to Big Stereo's new label. Cool.

Wolf Gang - Pieces of You (Baby Monster Remix)


When in doubt, post some Drake.

'Over' literally just dropped, the new single off his new album Thank Me Later. 'Zone' is pretty recent & 'Fear' is one of my personal favorites from So Far Gone. Of course, there all good, always. I'm looking forward to the new album, as is the rest of pop culture I'm sure.

Drake - Over

Drake - Zone

Drake - Fear