Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some stuff I am working on...

A few renderings of a desk I designed and am now constructing for Peep Show, a London based Post-Production House with an office in New York (that's where I come in). Peep Show just moved to a new space in Chelsea and needed a couple editing desks, with surface room for 3 large monitors and a rack mount system set to the side (in the cube) and sized to hold a number of complicated and expensive machines. I do not know their exact purpose, however, I DO know their width, height and depth, and the rack dimensions needed to suspend each one on top of the next - anyways, enough carpenter's details. Here's the final computer renderings - signed, sealed & delivered.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I just plucked this track off of Misingtoof's tree of goodies. Wow, what a good song for, lets see... driving, smoking, drinking, late night drunk dancing, late night drunk drinking, late night drunk smoking, making out, rounding 2nd base & brunch!

Misingtoof says:

Empire Of The Sun is a collaborative project between PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson. Steele’s vocals were recently featured on PNAU’s self titled album. Empire of the Sun’s debut which will be released this October is produced by Jonathan Sloan of Sneaky Sound System. Walking On A Dream is the first single.

I say just take a listen, to the original, and the Van She remix...not sure which I like more, but why choose?! They are both great.

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream (Album Version)

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream (Van She Rmx)

The Tell Tale Heart v. Booby Trap, 9.8.08

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Twelves

So The Twelves are great. Let's just start with that.

The bloggers have been wetting their beds over these kids the past few days, so I figured I should do the same.

From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, The Twelves were formed by the duo João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira back in 2006. The name came from the strange coincidence of their birth dates: twelve of July of 1980. So they're cancers, just like me. Even more rad.

Here's a mixtape they just released that has honestly provided me with some of my very best 38 minute 2 second moments this past week. It includes unreleased remixes they did for Zeigeist and The Virgins. If you ask me, its the best extended stretch of sound since LCD released 45:33.

The Twelves - Episode II (mixtape)

Find the tracklist for the remix below...

01. zeigeist - humanitarianism (the twelves replay)
02. radiohead - reckoner (the twelves replay)
03. mirwais - naive song
04. of montreal - gronlandic edit
05. david e. sugar - to yourself
06. the virgins - rich girls (the twelves replay)
07. daft punk - voyager
08. jupiter - chip
09. fleet foxes - white winter hymnal (the twelves replay)
10. metronomy - heartbreaker
11. the twelves - works for me (the twelves replay)
12. lykke li - dance dance dance (the twelves replay)

And here are two single tracks of theirs, at least one of which gets played every night I DJ. Did I mention I think these guys are great?

The Twelves - Works for Me

The Twelves - When You Talk