Thursday, April 24, 2008

North East Kingdom

Northeast Kingdom has boldly entered a realm of North Brooklyn restaurants that simply are head and shoulders above the rest. The likes of Dumont, Moto, Dressler & Marlow & Sons now have a new friend. Or new competition. However, situating itself much further to the East, off the Jefferson stop on the L Train to be precise, has left Northeast Kingdom standing alone.

The food here is delicious first of all. Hearty portions of char filet of pork chop fill the belly quite nicely after one of the many tasty starters and salads. The BLT, by the way, is killer, and a cheaper option if need be. But is isn't the food or the draft beers that won me over. It is the feeling of eating someplace different, new, far away and 'unexplored.' Northeast Kingdom, however, is in fact none of these things, with a steady stream of loft dwelling stylish locals filling the booths and the bar. The ride out on The L is a mere 10 minutes beyond Bedford and the typical crowd of 'you know what.'

What we have out East, in true true Bushwick, is a fun place to dine with friends or date with that one person who makes you swoon. I have done both and have left full and content each and every time (excluding the one incident with the open bottles of Stella, the bench outside, and New York City's Finest - but that's another story altogether, and not mine to tell). This one I think you all will really like.

North East Kingdom
18 Wykoff Ave
Bklyn, NY
one block off the Jefferson L

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Got this from Discobelle. Was also posted on Get Weird Turn Pro. I fucking love it.

From Get Weird...

Something to chill your beans in the shape of a reworking of a Bruce Springsteen classic by Brooklyn’s Cousin Cole. This was featured on last weeks Resident Advisor mix by Todd Terje and there’s a version of it floating around that was cut out of that mix, so Cole has hit up the internets with the full unmixed version for your listening pleasure.

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire (Cousin Cole' Bad Desire Mix)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer Jams vol 2

The SUMMER JAMS series continues. I went back a few months into the archives for this one, but it's a track made for summer. So get loose.

The Dream - Shawty Is a Ten

Summer Jams vol 1

This is is the first installment of the SUMMER JAMS series. For those of you who don't know. summertime in New York is kinda the best thing ever. So why not help the love along with a summer jams series. Anytime a new jam comes out that makes you wanna take you shirt off and spray your neighbor with evian, pop on by and find it here. Last summer was the summer of love, and I hear this summer is the summer of nude. So break out the evian and pump up the jams.

You gotta love this one.

Usher ft. Young Jeezy - Love In This Club