Sunday, March 30, 2008

ATL to SFC - Hip Hop

I hear this Shawty Lo track is what you hear bangin in ATL right about now. I say Shawty Lo should be bumpin just about everywhere right now! It's about to be SUMMER, and you know how it is.

Shawty Lo - Foolish

And in tribute to my San Francisco roots, here's a track by Ya Boy, a rising star in the Bay. So stand up & turn up the bass...

Ya Boy - Holla At Your Boy

Pantha du Prince

Here's 2 tracks off Panth du Prince's 2007 Album, The Bliss. The entire album is worth getting into if you like these 2.

Pantha du Prince - Moonstruck

Pantha du Prince - Saturn Strobe

HIEM - Clubscene Popscene

"Don't let the DJ take the blame in a place that's full of strangers."

Some quality electro that makes late night highway drives seem perfect. And Sunday morning love making. That too.

Hiem - Clubscene Popscene ((Discopop Version))

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hercules and Love Affair

If you haven't heard of Hercules & Love Affair by now... shame on you!!!! Because you are missing out on a sweet type of dance sauce that tastes great any night of the week.
Here's a remix of their track You Belong. Also known as My New Favorite Song. As well as a 'classic' of theirs, Blind.

Hercules and Love Affair - You Belong (Riton Remix)

Hercules and Love Affair - Blind

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lovely Day ((( Nolita )))

Yummy Thai food with yummy people and yummy surroundings for yummy prices.

Visited last night as a group of 4, got lucky and snuggled into one of the ever so intimate red leather sofas, and had a ball of a time. Ordered three apps, three mains, 1 martini, 1 spicy beer special and 2 bottles of red wine - $110. With tip, $132.

Not a bad $35 dinner per person at all! And the vibe is just right. All that's worth complaining about can be the wait, but who wants to eat at a place where there's no line anyways!

Lovely Day
196 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 925-3310

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


90's DANCE
a few classic dance tracks to get you movin! enjoy!

AMBER - This Is Your Night

COMPANY B - Fascinated (Miami Mix)

REAL MCCOY - Another Night




Below is a list of the best 20th century DESIGN shops, showrooms & galleries in NYC. If you're looking for affordable lamps and chairs, try Ikea. If you're looking for inspiration and amazement, then visit the followings shops on your next Saturday off.

104 Franklin St, Tribeca

Cristina Grajales
10 Green St, SoHo

DeLorenzo 1950440 Lafayette St, The Village

Demisch Danant*
542 W. 22nd St, Chelsea

Donzella 20th Century
17 White St, Tribeca

Friedman Benda
515 W. 26th St, Chelsea

Johnson Trading Gallery
490 Greenwich St, Tribeca

Magen H. Gallery
80 E. 11th St, The Village

150 Greene St, SoHo

R20th Century
82 Franklin St, SoHo

544 W. 24th St, Chelsea

* I work at Demisch Danant, so make sure and say hello!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Southeast Chinatown

I should mention that almost every day after work, I walk rather aimlessly South from where I work in West Chelsea in an attempt to discover new shops, restaurants, cafe's etc - not to mention my preferred avoidance of rush hour subway traffic. A walk in New York will never disappoint. It's my addiction. That and dance music.

A good 45 minutes to the Southeast of Chelsea, past The Village, Soho, Nolita and the Lower East Side and a good chunk of Chinatown, you'll stumble across my new favorite neighborhood : Southeast Chinatown. To be rather specific, the intersection of Canal and Ludlow is right on the dot. The streets feel deserted, with abandoned factory architecture and cobble stoned streets hidden behind graffiti and wind blown plastic bags - basically, its fucking beautiful. The gentrification process, of course, has begun - but for now the neighborhood remains perfectly balanced and hip.

A few places to check out that are super good:

Les Enfant Terribles
This place is hip, fun, low key and super tasty. Not to mention the fact that the French speaking waitresses are the sweetest ladies in NY.

From NY Mag:
You don’t have to be able to pronounce korhogofefemougou to appreciate succulent steak marinated in Ivory Coast spices—just one of the twists on bargain-bistro classics at this Lower East Side lair with a French-colonial feel. Duet of duck pairs a meaty breast with shredded confit. Muqueca, the Brazilian seafood-coconut-milk stew, is loaded with plump shrimp and served with a steaming bowl of white rice. Tropical-tasting cocktails are well balanced and perfectly refreshing, and an unobtrusive D.J. plays captivating world music at neighbor-friendly decibels.

The interior of this place is beautiful. The first floor level is nice enough, but its the downstairs level that really won me over. You'd never think the basement level of a tenement could offfer such a seductive place to dine, with exposed brick arched ceilings, side rooms with old wood tables, a snazzy bar and all the rest. I have actually never eaten here, although I am taking my sister here tmr night. So I'll let you know about the food. But really, when the space is so sexy, who needs Lasagna.

From NY Mag
In Venice, a bacaro is a workingman’s pub where snacks called cichetti are served in small plates, and wine is served in a commensurately small glass (“ombra” in the local dialect). It is much the same at Bacaro, the Venetian restaurant Peasant chef-owner Frank DeCarlo opened on the eastern fringes of Chinatown. DeCarlo and his wife, Dulcinea Benson, converted a former aquarium into a persuasively antiqued bi-level wine bar and osteria, outfitted with exposed brick, salvaged barn wood, and a warren of romantic nooks and crannies, including a brick-vaulted private dining space located below the sidewalk. DeCarlo’s classic Venetian bar snacks include crostini, fried stuffed olives, and marinated sardines, which he supplements with cured meats, cheeses selected by local legend Lou DiPalo, and pastas like spaghetti with cuttlefish ink. The wine list is Dulcinea’s domain, and focuses on the Veneto and neighboring northern regions.

The Introduction

Your New Neighbor is your new connection to New York City. Of course, you don't have to live here to appreciate the love. And if you don't live here, you should.

However, the links to new dance tracks and party bangers being played South of Houston and in North Bklyn lofts will be a pleasure note for all, no matter where you are. As will be the notes on fashion, art, design, and all things hip, fun and rad about New York.

xoxo Pierre Paulin & Co.

I figure no good introduction is complete without a lil something to dance to:

From Discobelle :

"Aussies Van She Tech are the “electric love children of Van She”, they’re back and they bring us yet another smashing remix (previous ones of Tiga, Feist etc. were all dancefloor slayers). This time they turn their attention to the fabolous blog-favorite, Australian/New Zealander singer-songwriter Ladyhawke and her song “Back Of The Van”. The actual single doesn’t drop until April 28th but this remix hit the blogs a few hours ago. Pretty much nothing short of brilliant, it will have us dancing all through the weekend. Australia, we salute you!"

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Van She Tech Rmx)