Friday, January 30, 2009

Things That Look Like Other Things

I have not posted about design in a bit, except for the fab pair of Common Projects Sneakers I featured earlier, which are for sure an example high end design for your peds. Anyway, here are some cool Things that Look Like Other Things.

Royal College of Art graduate (UK) Cristian Zuzunaga has devised a fabric based on a 'pixel' concept, which is being produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso. The sofa looks like a zoomed in view of a lo-res image of school children playing hop-scotch behind the school house. That, or a Gerhard Ricter 'Color Chart' Painting, below.

Speaking of sofas, how about this leather loveseat on wheels. Which would you take, the oh so sexy leather Moto Guzzi, or the oh so Danish, and oh so manly mid century modern Sofa designed by Kaare Klint?


Although, this track is pretty F-ing live. And F-ing pretty too.

BlackDisco - Let's Go!


So, given the fact that it 8:19 am, and I have already been up for an hour and 19 minutes to take the pup to the doggie park, its seems rather appropriate to post Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead.'

Well, not exactly, its not the original but a remix that gets your coffee dripping, and given the fact that I am necking a sexy cup o' joe right now, it all just seems to fit. Wake up and enjoy the day sleepyheads!

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (The Knocks Remix)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mickey Gang Wants Your Vote

I always love letting you, the reader/listener/lover/spy, make up your own damn mind about these sorts of things. So here's an original track from a talented group of 4 young kids who call themselves Mickey Gang, and a dancy remix of the same song by Naji Naha.

Take a peek at both and mark your ballot for either Reform or Change. Or maybe you're like me and dig em both. Nothing wrong with being caught between a rock and a hard place, as long as the sauces from both skillets smell like recently rained upon grass at dawn.

Mickey Gang - I was Born in the 90's

Mickey Gang - I was Born in the 90's (Naji Naha Footloose Remix)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Peter, Bjorn & John vs. The Golden Filter

To follow up to my post below, lets keep Peter, Bjorn and John in our headphones a little bit longer, but add some female point of view to recipe. All the boys, shut the fuck up and listen, this chick means business!

Peter, Bjorn & John - Lay It Down (Golden Filter Remix)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Peter, Bjorn & John

Leaked from the depths of outer space and back again, its some brand new Peter, Bjorn & John.

Man, those first few seconds take me back to the first 3 weeks after Justice released/leaked D.A.N.C.E.. Gosh those lil kids voices sure make me smile. And then the beat drops, and you want to start moving, ever so slightly, tempted to dance, maybe, just maybe, once dance where all worries take a back seat for just one moment. And then it gets great and original as one would only expect from these three Young Folks. And your lost in their new fairy tale.

Peter, Bjorn & John - Nothing to Worry About