Monday, December 13, 2010

Creep (ft. Romy from The XX)

Brooklyn's own Creep just dropped their latest single, 'Days'.  The 'witch house' sound is new(ish), but the soft, female vocals on this track are oh-so familiar. 

Creep - Days (ft. Romy from The XX)

If you have checked Your New Neighbor over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that I have been taken by the sounds emerging from the dark.  Namely oOoOO, Creep, Salem, Balam Acab and Forest Swords.  All similar, yet each unique.  I have yet to post a song from Balam Acab and Forest Swords...until now.  Have a peek.

Balam Acab - Big Boy
Forest Swords - Rattling Cage

TO DOWNLOAD: Click the link(s) above & then click the 'Download' link in the top right corner of the web page that appears.

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