Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Creep is Brooklyn's own Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, also hosts of the Thursday night 'Filth' party at Home Sweet Home on Christie Street.  The duo have been lumped into the emerging genre of music known as 'witch house,' which includes acts such as Salem, Balam Acab & oOoOO.  Gernerally speaking, 'witch house' defines music that sounds like it was made in a cave, with an assortment of drum machines, synths, voice distortion equipment and a heavy dose of Nyquil.  You get the idea, but as will all art and music labels, its better to just look, listen and leave it at that. Personally,  I happen to like this emerging genre/sound/style quite a bit, as it correlates nicely with the onset of London Winter darkness, but I realize it may not be for everyone...yet!

If the music is not enough to draw you in on its own, perhaps you will be more interested when I mention the recent controversy surrounding the use of 'Rape Gaze' to describe the genre.  Hop on google and see for yourself, as the debate has run off in far too many directions for me to paraphrase here.  Formulating a personal opinion on the issue, I must admit, is rather fascinating.  

For now, here is a Creep remix of Memory Tapes' track 'Green Knight', which I know you all have danced to at least once or twice before.  This time, however, you can leave your dancing shows in the closet...unless of course you're just a creep!

Memory Tapes - Green Knight (Creep Remix)
Memory Tapes - Green Knight (Original) 

For more on 'witch house', a good place to start is the NYC label Tri Angle.  An even better place to start, however, is by downloading a free compilation HERE of Linsay Lohan's pop songs re-interpreted by 'witch house' bands.  What a crazy idea...I love it.  

TO DOWNLOAD: Click the link(s) above & then click the 'Download' link in the top right corner of the box.net web page that appears.

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