Saturday, November 13, 2010


Swedish label Sincerely Yours just released these two jj tracks.  jj remains a mystery to many, myself included.  I believe the boy/girl duo are Swedish.  Either way, I dig their white washed sound and fancy samples (i.e. Akon and The XX).  Great for early mornings or late nights. 

jj - let them (listen closely, the first two lines are direct from Biggie's Juicy, amazing)
jj - i'm the one / money on my mind

I tried to post the Akon track jj samples in the first track above, but the watchful eyes of the record label mafia are upon me.  Like Froto and that tower of fire.  If I hadn't forked over $18 dollars a pop for those damn alternative rock CD's in the 90's, they might not be such beefy bullies today.  Well, at least I can post the XX track jj samples in the second.

The XX - Intro

Finally, here is the link to a few more jj songs I posted earlier this year (so good, especially the Lil Wayne mix!)

TO DOWNLOAD: Click the link(s) above & then click the 'Download' link in the top right corner of the web page that appears.

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