Thursday, January 14, 2010

jj v. Lil Wayne v. Neo Success

So, there's a back story here. Now listen, jj's Ecstacy already samples lil Wayne's now classic Lollipop beat, although jj takes it a different direction entirely than Mr. Weezy himself. Then Neo Success rolls along, has a creative moment, and says, "Hey mom, would it be okay if I mash up the original Lollipop with jj's Ecstasy, instead of doing my algebra homework?" Thank heavens mama Neo Success said "Yes, yes you can!"

I figure I'll post both jj's Ecstasy and the Neo Success mix, so the above story becomes more than just words. This is real life!

jj - Ecstasy
jj + lil Wayne - Ecstasy v. Lollipop (Neo Success Mix)

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