Thursday, November 18, 2010


My only recommendation is this - find a way to listen to this song for the first time loud.   Grab your best pair of headphones or plug into some speakers with umph, because those puny lap top speakers just won't do.  Trust me, I made that mistake.  As soon as I popped on my headphones, I knew this song was destined for Your New Neighborhood.

Pikachunes is the solo effort of Miles McDougall from Auckland, New Zealand.  This track is pretty much perfect, start to finish.  I can't wait to either play (or hear this played) out on the scene, preferably after hours.  Lock the doors, dim the lights, grab another drink & if you smoke, there's no need to go outside.  This track is made for the after party.  Get there...

Pikachunes - Nervous

TO DOWNLOAD: Click the link(s) above & then click the 'Download' link in the top right corner of the page that appears.

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