Friday, June 4, 2010

TOKYO BIKE // Sydney

In Sydney, a cool bike on the street is just as important as having a quality board in the water. Many of my mates have opted for motorbikes (motorcycles for you yanks!) from Deus ex Machina as my best bud 'Jez' makes them with his own HANDS! Unreal. But lets be real, me on a motorbike? I'd kill myself in 2.5 seconds.

Thus, I decided to invest in a pushbike to cruise around. Tokyo Bike straight out of Tokyo just opened their first shop in Australia in Surry Hills. The original store in Japan bustles out over 80,000 bikes a year to cool Japanese riders!

Yuki and Furuki, the owners and cutest couple ever, will help you build a custom bike piece by piece. I only trust Japanese people in projects like this.

I have built the custom bike that is poppin orange with white tires. The only thing missing to this picture is the CUSTOM WOODEN BASKET I ORDERED FROM JAPAN THAT IS DESIGNED PRECISELY TO CARRY A 24 PACK OF BOTTLED BEER. can you say........DRUNKIN PICNIC!?

picture me rollin.

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