Saturday, June 19, 2010


You need look no further than the cover of their album, No Mas, to get a sense for the vibrant eclecticism of Brooklyn based Javelin.   Javelin is two dudes, George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, cousins in fact, who have been making music together as Javelin since 2004.  The two claim to have nearly 100 recorded songs, however, No Mas is admittedly their most sophisticated and well produced attempt.

On No Mas, it quickly becomes apparent Javelin is not afraid to blend genres and various music trends. Having vowed never to spend more than $5 on a record, many of the samples seem oddly familiar yet entirely foreign.  Early rap beats and electric guitar rifts along side a jingle you might associate with a Portuguese 70's detective TV show.  Nintendo beats mixed with accelerated pop vocals.

It's like pineapples on pizza...need I say more.

Javelin - Vibrationz
Javelin - Off My Mind
Javelin - Tell Me, What Will It Be?
Javelin - Oh! Centra 

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