Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toro y Moi

Super stoked to be contributing to this blog. Thanks to STEFFEN for having me out. I hope you all enjoy my posts. Please send your comments and let me know what you think.

For my first post, Im going with something I really like -- Toro Y Moi (“toro-ee-mwa”). Toro Y Moi caught my ear late last summer right as my pool season was ending. Fortunately enough for me, they're new single comes out right when pool season is beginning. This music was meant to be played by the pool. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy a dope pool party with some G-Unit blasting and bikini models serving martinis dirty in stilettos. But, I really like something like Toro y Moi, where I can take a sip and a quick puff, put down my shades and fade out into the blur of the sun.

Creating a new scene out of South Carolina, along with another Buzzcock gamer Ernest Greene of Washed Out, Chaz Bundick is the brains behind this chill-lo-fi-whatever-gaze mix of intoxicating tracks. Here's the new single "Talamak"

Toro Y Moi just released a full-length album "Causers of This" that includes "Talamak" and other tracks off an earlier LP. These jammies plus another remix are pretty delightful too:

I will be seeing you.

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STEFFEN said...

Welcome to the game big boy!