Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beach House & Phoenix

Not too long ago, I posted about Baltimore's Beach House, who I love. And if my memory serves me correct, I posted about Phoenix long ago when they released Wolfgang Amadeus. Well, now I feel like posting a pair of totally rad remixes of songs from each, neither of which I had heard until tonight.

Man, all I can say is that I love music, and these tracks are why. They just make me feel good & are the reason why I am still awake at 3:17 am on a Wednesday night vibing with my headphones on and dog sleeping at my feet. It's the crave of finding new music for the next day, the next DJ set, the next road trip, that keeps me going late into the night. If you're here reading this blog & I am sure you understand the feeling. Thanks be to music...

Beach House - Zebra (Ring Trick Remix)

Phoenix - Fences (Def Starr Remix)

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