Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bon Chat, Bon Rat

Bon Chat, Bon Rat is a new trio out of Sydney I stumbled across recently. The group's name intrigued me so I listened to their debut album and after finishing the first track, the name all made sense.

The expression "Bon Chat, Bon Rat" by definition means "an attacker and an attackee grow stronger from finding new ways to outwit each other" - and that's exactly what these three guys accomplish on this short six track album. Rus Smith, Alex Murray, and Reece Coope play with synth pads, pop sounds, and random guitar tracks back and forth to create unique chilled-out beats that hit. Good shiz in my opinion.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat - Map of São Paulo

Bon Chat, Bon Rat - A Still Life


NatAnn said...

Nice. Love it. This has potential to be my new obsession.

Anonymous said...

Great find. I just downloaded their album free of the myspace. Map of Sao Paulo is such an amazing song!

jep said...

keep it coming girl