Friday, May 14, 2010

Sam Amidon

I usually reserve listening to soft, pretty, wistful music for the colder, darker, snowier months, but I've made an exception for this 28 year-old folk singer from Vermont. With a Will Oldham-esque delivery, Sam Amidon plays a stark and beautiful guitar or banjo while singing old folksy standards that you never thought could be so beautiful. His newest album, I See The Sign, has more original work, and its equally as good.

Below are two of my favorite tracks from his 2008 album All Is Well, along with a more recent R. Kelly cover. R. Kelly! I recently saw Sam Amidon live and he proclaimed that R. Kelly is the best songwriter of the decade. I think he may be right?

Sam Amidon - Saro

Sam Amidon - Wedding Dress

Sam Amidon - Relief (R. Kelly cover)

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