Monday, May 3, 2010


For some reason I never really got into Caribou (aka Dan Snaith and friends). After listening to their new album Swim, I feel like a grade-A dillhole. Its sinister melodies and layers upon layers of sonic catchiness make for a pretty stellar album. There are elements of many different genres and eras of music (disco, psych rock, minimal techno, 60s pop), and they work together seamlessly. Plus, any music made by a guy in that jacket holding a giant molecule HAS to be good!

Caribou - Odessa

Caribou - Found Out

Caribou - Leave House

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Untied Shoe said...

Agreed. I often listen to the track "bees" when putting on my makeup before going out. Which stinks, because I usually apply it while sitting on my vibrating bed and I get lipstick all over my face. But you can't really blame Caribou for that.