Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ali Love

In blog years, I am way late on this one. Even so, I couldn't let that stop me from posting a track I have been loving these past few weeks. Ali Love is a Londoner who has had his ups and downs, it seems. After releasing a pair of singles on his own label "I Love Records" in 2006, his breakthrough came in 2007 when he provided the vocals on the Chemical Brother's single Do It Again. He released another pair of singles thereafter, which didn't reach the U2-type expectations of the big boys at Columbia, his the newly signed label. Columbia dropped him in 2007/08, and made one hell of a mistake

Here's Ali Love's newest effort, Diminishing Returns, released by Backyard Recordings. You all know by now how much I love my 80's inspired sounds tweaked with synth, waves and bass to meet today's dream-state aesthetics. This one's sure to make its way into your life sooner or later, so why not now.

Ali Love - Diminishing Returns (extended version)

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