Thursday, November 20, 2008

PIERRE PAULIN : November Fifteen Two Thousand and Eight

According to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, apparently I copyrighted myself by posting a link to my own mix. They swooped in and pulled the link off the blog. Well, I am assuming they mistook me for JT or easy mistake to make I'd imagine. So here is the link to that very same set. Signed, sealed and delivered by Pierre Paulin (aka NOT of the Billboard Top 100 Club, so please don't punish me Mr. Copyright)

Add this to your ipod and start dancing or smiling or loving or all of the above.

Pierre Paulin - November Fifteen Two Thousand and Eight

Perhaps it's because I posted the tracklist the first time around that Mr. Copyright found me, so I'll leave it blank this time. If you wanna know the set list, shoot me a note and I go looking for that lil piece of paper I wrote it down on the first time. It could be lost forever...

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